Our company is not only engaged in organising attractive events, but we also create the special trappings required for those special thematic events. Our costumes, skillful and realistic sword-play combined with our knowlege of history are also used in consultation during preparations of theatrical spectacles and other types of various performances. Our costumes may be hired, we are able to prepare scenography or lend our own historically accurate scenographic items (thrones, chariot, weaponry and armour, chests, goblets, buckets, ladles, historical tents etc.). We can prepare promotional materials for events, including: printing, stationery, invitations, folders and leaflets according to the main theme of the event and our customers requirements. We can also create the necessary awards and prizes, presents and souvenirs for both guests and particpators at the event.

One of our attractive proposals, for example, is to show the fashions of the period for both men and women. It is possible to see the beautiful costumes of the Roman patriachs, proud senators, courageous gladiators and valiant legionaries, also the Celts, Huns, Germans, the brave Slavs, the wild Vikings and their beautiful women, the elegant and haughty Polish nobility.

We would also like to propose participation in practical workshops of days gone by: the smith, the potter, hornmaker, cooper, ironmonger, armourer, minter and even goldsmith.

We love to popularise history also through the creation of exhibitions for museums with a historical or archeological theme. We have recorded audiobooks and radio programmes and we have prepared historical publications, bringing to life legends through recording in the studio or on the stage, even preparing and creating photocomics.