Back through a thousand winters, in the times when rights were decided by the sword, lived in the north a strong and brave people known by the tribes as the vikings. These fearsome raiders from the north spread fear, panic and chaos through more than three centuries. Acclaimed sailors they sailed throughout the known world of the time, sailing even to the fertile country known as Vinlandia, later called by those who came after Columbus - America.

Entering battle shoulder to shoulder they conquered their enemies, drawing their strength from faith in Odin - the powerful and wise god of war and fate. For if fate determined, they would enter Valhalla - the afterlife country of eternal feasting - where together with the gods and their ancestors they would wait for Ragnorok, the final battle day.

The culture of the Vikings fascinates to this day. Their masterly jewellry, stone runes, weapon and sailing skills inspire to this very day and causes many to learn with great respect and humility from them. Today we can experience and get a taste of how these warrior people from Scandanavia lived. Our reconstruction group contains a hird, that is a warrior band of vikings, who like in the olden days fight with sword, axe and spear.

Apart from watching spectacular battle displays, one can take a seat on the Jarl's throne and from a horn drink mead prepared according to an ages old recipe. There is also the possibility to sit in and sail a drakar, the wooden sailing vessel, or longship, of the vikings. And for those who prefer more solid ground we have many other attractions, including listening to sagas around the bonfire, old tales of Scandanaviam mythology. May the gods of Asgard keep those who look down upon the ancient ways and times!

The Slavic Piasts

Long, long ago when ancient and holy glades were growing, when bards carried songs from fortified settlement to settlement and the sun itself was considered a god, lived the brave and strong Slavs. Under the rule of their Piast lords they grew and formed a nation, which later became known as Poland. This country, flowing with milk and honey, couldn't but surprise the numerous merchants and chroniclers from far away when they witnessed life in the country of the Piasts. Massive strongholds, dense forests and uncountable wildlife were attributes of the country of our ancestors. Here Lech, Czech and Rus, the three legendary brothers, parted on their separate ways. Here, according to the legend, mice devoured Popiel and here, at last, Piast descendants Mieszko I and Boleslav the Brave took authority and set forth to battle.

Legends alive even today. Now after a thousand winters it is possible for you to live again among the Piasts. Take yourself a band, either horse or foot and set forth with them to war. Earlier tidings of war had been received. So quickly don chainmail, grasp hand sword and hasten to the stronghold together with other valiant warriors. When hunger threatens taste porridge prepared in special pots, drink a long cold beer and take a bite of wheatcake. When you begin to feel the cold make yourself a new robe on the loom. When the sword breaks or axe cracks in the fever of battle make for the forge, the smith will advise and no doubt assist. And when in battle it goes well for you, the prince will order money to be minted in honour of your service. Over all Perun, lord of thunder, and Svitovit of four faces gazes. So take to hand brothers weapons of war and step forth to battle with the proud strength of ancestors that you feel in your bones.