From the times when Prometeus discovered it for mankind, fire has become an indispensable element of life. Thanks to him it was possible to cast the first sword from bronze, thanks to the flames of the mythical Vulcan in his forge began the wonderful and skilful craft of the smith. It was Loki, the viking god of fire, who was most significant for the dwarf smiths living underground, in creating their items of magical shape and meaning. Finally the Slavic Swarożyc-Dażbóg, lord of fire, and son of the mighty Swarog, was one of the main gods of our ancestors. Fire for centuries has been associated with the Sun giving brightness, power, strength and also life. But it was the same fire under the authority of Vulcan, Loki and Swarożyc that was capable of bringing destruction to Troy, Rome and many other cities... This is why fire itself demands to be treated with both honour and respect.

We are delighted to be able to present displays involving fire:

  • displays of battle with blazing swords
  • displays of battle with belching fire
  • fire-arrows dance
  • battle scenes with burning buildings
  • fire-dancing